Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil and Commercial litigation usually involves a legal dispute between 2 or more private parties/ organizations that is non-criminal in nature. Amongst the many types of remedies that may be awarded by the Singapore Courts, parties involved in such proceedings are usually seeking for damages (compensations) or specific performance of a contract. At Circular Law Chambers, our team of experienced and dynamic lawyers will guide your through each stage of the process with their expert advice. We understand that court processes and paperwork may at times seem very overwhelming and confusing to you. Examples of Civil and Commercial Litigation handled by Circular Law Chambers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Debt recovery action
  • Consumer protection action
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Employment and Labour Disputes
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Defamation


1. Why hire a lawyer for Civil and Commercial litigation? Can I litigate the matter myself?

Although you can elect to litigate the matter on your own, it is still good practice to consult a lawyer beforehand. As civil and commercial litigation are often very specialized and complex, an experienced litigator will be able to advise you on your legal rights and the variety of remedies available to you.

2. What constitutes a contract?

A contract is defined as an agreement intended to be enforceable by law. Many of us may have a misconception that a contract should be a document signed by both parties. However, this is not always necessarily the case. Oral agreements may amount to a legal enforceable contract.

3. What are some examples of Employment Disputes?

In Singapore, employment disputes generally include but not limited to non-compete clauses, failure to pay an employee’s salary and unfair or wrongful dismissal.

4. What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract is a failure to perform the duties and obligation detailed under the contractual terms. Depending on the breach, an aggrieved party may seek certain remedies from the party who violated the contract terms. Such remedies may include damages, specific performance, injunctions etc.

5. Is there a deadline to commence an action in civil and commercial litigation?

In Singapore, we impose very strict time limitation on filing your lawsuits. Depending on your specific claim, limitation periods usually range from 3-6 years from the date of the breach. Failing to comply to the applicable limitation period may result in your case being barred forever. To better understand the stipulations, contact our lawyers at Circular Law Chambers as soon as possible.

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