Conveyancing and Real Estate

Circular Law Chamber’s Conveyancing and Real Estate practice is well-regarded in Singapore for its dedicated and efficient service in handling a diverse range of property transactions such as:

  • Sale & Purchase of Property
  • Restructuring of Loans & Mortgages
  • Tenancy/Lease Agreements
  • Drafting & Advising on Options/Agreements
  • Privatization and En-bloc Sale
  • Refinancing
  • Severance of Property Holding
  • Withdrawal of CPF Savings
  • “Decoupling” of Properties

Our dynamic team of lawyers, conveyancing executives and support staff handle each case with a main focus on providing personal and professional service. The team is led by our Managing Partner, Ms. Lilian Lim, who has accumulated a wealth of experience in practice. Over the years, the Firm has developed an expansive clientele base which includes local and foreign individuals and corporations as well as banks and financial institutions. Circular Law Chambers is on the panel of conveyancing lawyers for all major banks in Singapore and is also on the panel for the CPF Board.


1. I am a Foreigner; can I buy real estate in Singapore?

Under the Residential Property Act, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore, you may not acquire landed residential property without the express permission of the Minister of Law. Foreigners are also not eligible to buy HDB flats. However, foreigners can buy purchase private apartments or units in condominiums as there are no restrictions.

2. I have just obtained an Option, what do I do now?

It is advisable that you see your Banker or a mortgage broker to secure a loan to purchase the property. At the same time, you should appoint a lawyer to conduct the preliminary searches and advise on the purchase process as well as the terms of the option.

3. I have just sold a property and granted an Option to the purchaser, what do I do now?

You are strongly advised to engage a lawyer who would be able to monitor the deadline for exercising the Option and serve the requisite Notice of Redemption on the mortgagee and CPF Board (if applicable).

4. Why should I make sure that my lawyer is on my bank’s panel of conveyancing lawyers?

If your lawyer is not on the bank’s panel of conveyancing lawyers, this could lead to extra charges. Here at Circular Law Chambers, we are on the panel for all major banks in Singapore and also on the panel for the CPF Board. By appointing us to act for you, you could avoid having to pay extra charges.

5. I want to redeem the mortgage on my property, what information do I need to provide my lawyers with?

Before you serve the Notice of Redemption on your existing mortgagee, you should ascertain whether you are within any “lock in” or “claw back” penalty period, whether you are required to redeem only on an interest reset date and whether there is a cancellation fee on any undisbursed portion of your existing loan.

6. How come I have not heard back from lawyer after they have served the Redemption Notice on my existing Bank?

After we have served the Redemption Notice on your existing Bank, there will be a period of silence and inactivity but please do not be alarmed as you are required to wait out the 3 months’ notice required by your existing Bank. We will contact you to sign the security documents about 2 to 3 weeks before the completion date of the redemption.

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